Lending & Investing Resources

Ultimately, we seek to provide you with diverse loan options to accommodate the range of your real estate transactions. Below you will find information that will aid you as you determine what financing options are best for you, as well as inform you on our independent, third-party lender.

Insider’s Cash Gives You Options

Insider’s Cash is a private, third-party lender who makes and provides commercial loans specifically for real estate investment transactions. All borrowers must be active business entities, such as corporations or LLCs, with the limit on the loan amount sitting at $750,000 per property. In order to qualify for a loan, each borrower must meet the underwriting and lending criteria of the lender.

3-Day Loan

These types of loans are typically those used for “flip” deals, where transactions are usually already lined up at the time the loan is taken out. How these sorts of deals and loans work is that you as the investor purchase a property you plan to flip, using your Insider’s Cash funds. Then, the buyer you have lined up purchases the property from you either within that day or the following day. The money from the sell is then used to pay off the loan, and nearly all the profits are kept by you as the investor.

But remember, the money of your end buyer will have to be in trust with the title company BEFORE any fund’s can be send to you by Insider’s Cash for your purchase. This ensures that transactions happen quickly, which is exactly what this type of loan is designed for.

3-Month Loans

While “flip” deals can be nice and quick, that isn’t always the case. Understanding this, Insider’s Cash has also made available a 3-month loan that is great for rehab properties requiring minimal work, as well as those properties that will take a bit longer to market than just 72 hours.

Many deals require a little bit of seasoning before reaching the prime time (or condition) to sell. This 3-month loan doesn’t only allow you more time, but also more opportunities with the providing you with fast and easy funding for your transactions.

3-Year Loans

We understand that deals require funding, and that funding will require a competitive rate in order to stand against other financial options available to you. With that, Insider’s Cash provides you with financing options that are competitive, carrying the lowest rates possible today. This is the kind of financing available to you through the 3-year loan option.

In working with Insider’s Cash to finance your properties and assets you’ll hold in the future, you’re able to double your working capital, and in turn increase your cash flow. Along with that, your property appreciation and tax deduction opportunities also increase.

Property Analysis

This tool is a great addition to the investor’s belt of resources, and helps in determining property value estimates and other financial opportunities relating to real estate. Many of our sources are also used by some of the world’s largest real estate investors. With the help of this tool, you gain access to the following:

-Comparable amounts on rentals

-Title services

-Investment strategy information

-Learn how to calculate your cash flow

And even more!


Once you’ve purchased and obtained your assets, it’s important to protect all you’ve worked for. Seeing success in real estate can cause others to look at you as a financial target, resulting them in going after not only you, but also your assets. This can be beat, though. VEIL provides powerful asset protection and places a shield between you and those seeking to do you financial harm. Carefully planning your investments and structuring your business are some of the key points in keeping yourself protected. VEIL can help you to effectively implement these strategies.

Safeguard Business Advantage

With Safeguard Business Advantage, all of the entrepreneurial services you need are under one roof for your easy access. Experts from all areas of business management make up their team to better provide its clients with all the information they need, and resolve challenges quickly and productively. In providing you with access to your needs, we help you to keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive and well as you further your experience in real estate and find more investment opportunities and strategies that work for you.

Investment Assets

Using real property, we seek to build the personal portfolios of those we work with, and have established a system that helps you to obtain quality real estate assets that help to increase your income.

Investments Grade Real Estate Investments

Through our real estate provider, Buy PD, investors who are serious about their investing in today’s markets gain access to the following assets:

Single-Family Homes: These more long-term investments are a great aid in helping to generate cash flow, and the training you obtain helps you to know how to work with property managers so that you can be successful in managing properties, regardless of whether or not their in your local market.

Tax Liens: Buy PD obtains these liens from the government after home owners have defaulted on their property taxes, and then provides them as an investment asset for it’s clients.

Land: With the markets rebounding in the way they are, even vacant lots are a smart investment. Whether you’re looking to hold and flip, develop, or take part in some other strategy, land has much to offer.

Trust Deeds: Trust Deeds allow you as the investor to collect the interest on the property loans paid from homeowners, rather than banks collecting that same interest.