Education services

Our ultimate goal is to provide the right training and educational services to provide our students with a strong knowledge on how to invest their money the smartest way, when investing in the real estate market. We also strive to create confident investors that can create their own positive growth.

Live Introduction Event

This event is absolutely free. It helps give our students insight to which one of our educational programs works best for them. We cater each program to what our student’s end goal and financial ambitions are.

3-Day Workshop

This invaluable 3-day training experience provides our students with important tips, strategies, investing education, and information that is relevant to today’s market and the real estate industry.

Diamond Tour

This tour is a unique experience for our diamond-level students. The Diamond tour takes our students behind the scenes with our Buy PD property specialists who teach the students exactly how they decided to purchase, rehab, and fix properties in this competitive market. It also allows our students to meet and network with like-minded investors.

Inner Circle Camp

The Inner Circle camp is basically designed for our students who want to continue their education and take it to the next level.

On Demand Training: 

Seller Financing Boot Camp

Think there’s too much mystery when it comes to financing your investment? Then you need this course. It takes the mystery out of financing by exploring how to exit a deal, sell notes, qualify a buyer, calculate rates of return, market for seller financing and so much more.

Residential Rentals Boot Camp

This boot camp is for the buy-and-hold investors out there. This course teaches our students everything they need to know about financing deals, finding tenants, qualifying tenants, drafting rental contracts, and also goes over landlord and tenant laws.

Quick Cash Boot Camp

Want to become a flipper? Learn how to quickly flip single-family homes, learn about different types of contracts, understand probates, foreclosures, and short sales, and everything else you need to know to become a professional flipper.

Cash Flow Boot Camp

This courses description is all in the title, it teaches our students the strategies that generate cash flow. Whether you want to know about lease options, sandwich leases, commercial properties, or mobile homes, this boot camp will teach you firsthand what the real estate gurus know themselves.

Rehabbing boot Camp

If you’re looking into becoming a real estate investor, you’ll need to know the basics of rehabbing a property. Learn how to become a methodical and skilled rehabber that can generate positive cash flow on the right types of properties.

Home Study Courses

Don’t have time to attend an event or a 3-day boot camp, don’t worry, we’ve created a home study course that can take you step-by-step from potential investor, to advanced strategist. Lessons include, closing deals, determining property values, and how to make an offer. This course helps you have a full arsenal of knowledge to help you go from beginner to pro.

Software Tools

This software was specifically designed to help you, research, analyze, research, and virtually investigate properties within the United States. This software also provides the critical data that is often overlooked that can provide much needed information about school districts, crime rates, and income levels on selected properties.

1-on-1 Training

Our 1-on-1 training is for our Inner Circle students. It is our highest level of educational training. This specialized training course was created to help our students move fast and avoid mistakes while doing so. This course also includes benefits, such as, one-on-one weekly training with top real estate trainers, online access to our world-class curriculum, flight and accommodations to attend our exclusive live Inner Circle Camps, and access to cutting-edge real estate tools.