Conventional mortgages usually have lower interest rates. They are the most common form of financing a home or an investment property in the United States. For the conventional mortgage, the interest rate usually depends on what type of home or property you’re purchasing, your credit score, and your down payment. Usually mortgage agents will work with you to try to get you the lowest rate.

Conventional mortgages are also a common form to finance an investment property. In fact, most investors use cash for their down payment and a conventional mortgage, financed through a lending agency, to pay for the rest. Usually a down payment will cost about 20% of the home’s cost. This percentage can range a couple percentage points depending on your lender, your intentions with the property, and your credit score. It’s always best to check multiple lenders and find the best deal that works for you and your situation.

It’s always good to spend a lot of time researching your financing options. After all, financing is a footnote not to be overlooked when investing in real estate. Your investment’s potential relies on a steady foundation, and that foundation starts with a solid financing plan and exit strategy. Start getting ahead in your investments by starting off smart and picking the right financing option for you.