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About Performance Education

So you’ve heard that the real estate markets are booming with investor potential and activity, and maybe you’ve even seen those you know finding financial success. The next question is, how do you get involved? How do you get started? Knowing that people are seeing success in real estate and knowing how you can see that same success are two very different things, so how do you bridge that gap? That’s where we come in.

PerformanceEducation.com is a company providing premium education to real estate investors, whether they already have experience in the market or are just getting started. Our team of qualified and experienced trainers seek to provide an education that is easy for our students to understand, even those completely foreign to the tactics and strategies that go into real estate investing. Hosting events in areas all around the country and throughout the world, we at PerformanceEducation.com are doing all we can to help people everywhere to succeed and obtain their financial goals.

All of our education programs have been developed and built up with you as the customer in mind. With that comes the consideration that everyone we interact with comes from different backgrounds and financial situations, and we have done much in our power to make our programs accessible and affordable, as well provided the possibility for tuition reimbursement if certain criteria are met.

Our company works hand in hand with strategic partners and other affiliates in compliance with high business standards and dedication to quality support of their customers. Included in our list of affiliates are: Buy PD, LLC; Real Estate Education Group; Response Marketing Group, LLC; Veil Corporate, LLC; and Insider’s Cash, LLC. Safe Guard Tax, LLC acts as our strategic partner.


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