Many people invest in real estate on the side, as a way earn extra income. As there is nothing wrong with this approach, it does make it easier to think of your investments as more of a hobby than a business.

Real estate investing takes a lot of time, dedication, and research. One cannot simply expect to create positive cash flow by spending a week or two here and there on investing in real estate. It takes a lot of hard work and continuous research to ensure you are up-to-date on the trends of the market and you never pass up a good deal.

When it comes to investing in property, you must resist the urge to become complacent. Once you fall complacent, you’ll loose your edge and your competitors will take that good deal or out sell you on those eager buyers.

Just remember, treat each one of your investments as a business deal. Make sure you are always looking, completing your due diligence, and staying on top of all the laws and regulations as to not loose your edge. Don’t let your investments turn into a hobby.